Forgotten Women

Forgotten Women

Sunday 10th June: 14.00

Zing Tsjeng

As a journalist, Zing Tsjeng is a passionate advocate for millennial women. As an author, she is speaking up for the women of past generations.

In the first two books of a four-part series, Zing uncovers some of the great women that history has forgotten. Forgotten Women: The Scientists celebrates the unsung scientific heroes whose hugely important yet broadly unacknowledged or incorrectly attributed discoveries and research have transformed the face of science. And Forgotten Women: The Leaders shines a light on the rebellious women who defied the odds, and the opposition, to change the world around them.

At this event Zing will introduce us to some of the amazing women whose forgotten legacies demand recognition.

Venue: The Ballroom, Balham Bowls Club

Price: £10 or £20 including a copy of Forgotten Women: The Leaders