Summer Fling with Rosie Wilby and Holly Bourne

Summer Fling with Rosie Wilby and Holly Bourne

Saturday 9th June: 19.30

Rosie Wilby and Holly Bourne

How the hell do you find love in 2018? And how do you hold onto it?

Rosie Wilby and Holly Bourne are here to help you navigate the minefield of modern love. Let them be your guides for this light-hearted evening of romantic reflection.

Described as ‘Jo Brand meets Eddie Izzard’, stand-up comedian Rosie Wilby will be helping us to see the funny side, drawing on her book Is Monogamy Dead? Prepare to enter a world of metamours, platonic partners, cuddle-buddies and more…

‘My favourite way to learn is when a funny, 

clever, honest person is teaching me – that’s why I love Rosie Wilby!Sara Pascoe

Rosie will be joined by bestselling author Holly Bourne. Well known for her many acclaimed books for children and young adults, in 2018 Holly publishes her funny, honest and fearless debut adult novel How Do You Like Me Now? The story of Tori Bailey, this brutally recognizable story is about the problem of finding yourself approaching middle age and questioning everything. ‘Turning thirty is like playing musical chairs. The music stops, and everyone just marries whoever they happen to be sitting on.’

Venue: The Ballroom, Balham Bowls Club

Price: £10 including a glass of wine