Anna-Louise Milne

A L MilneAnna-Louise Milne lives and writes in the north-east of Paris. She is Director of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of London Institute in Paris where she is currently developing the Paris Centre for Migrant Writing and Expression.

Notable publications are two books on Jean Paulhan, an edited collection, May 68. Rethinking France’s Last Revolution (2011) and The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Paris (2013). Her current book entitled 75 is pubished by Gallimard in the landmark Collection Blanche. It is her first full book in French, an experiment in urban poetics and translingual writing.

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Saturday 11th June

10:00 Flâneurs in London and Paris, by day and by night

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Can we all wander at will through our great cities? How different is the experience for men and women, and how does our landscape alter throughout the day? Three ambulatory experts illuminate.

In partnership with the Institut Français.

Price: £10