Programme for Sunday 12th June

11:00 Running Riot In The Urban Landscape

Bradley Garrett, Inua Ellams and Richard Reynolds

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Bradley Garrett is a phenomenon – part parcours expert, part funambulist, part urban explorer. Inua Ellams produces verbal pyrotechnics. Richard Reynolds reclaims public space and harnesses it with the power of plants. These three are no respecters of accepted boundaries.

Price: £10

14:00 Excavating the myth of the Green Man

Nina Lyon, Robert MacfarlaneChina Miéville chaired by Ellah Allfrey

Uprooted  Landmarks  This Census Taker Safe House Cover (Final) 27.04.2016

How do we react to mythical men, whether in non-fiction such as Nina’s which traces the history of the Green Man, or in fiction like China’s This Census Taker which creates a new legendary father figure? And how does our vocabulary reflect and refract our myths? Three outstanding writers explore.

Price: £15

16:00 Deep into the English Eerie

Robert Macfarlane and Andrew Michael Hurley chaired by Stephanie Cross

  The Old Ways

Andrew Michael Hurley won the Costa First Novel Award with his atmospheric evocation of horror The Loney, and Robert Macfarlane captured a nation’s imagination with both his exceptional book The Old Ways and his astonishing essay for The Guardian on The English Eerie.

With Stephanie Cross they discuss the conjunction of fact and fiction, a contemporary take on this phenomenon.

Price: £15

18:00 And where next?

Owen HatherleyFred Pearce and Gaia Vince

Ministry of Nostalgia 9780099572497

What is the future of our built and natural landscapes? How far are they influenced by politics, by local communities? Is there an inevitability to our planet’s decline and decay, or can we rally round to create a better landscape to inhabit?

Price: £10