Friday 9th June 2017

Friday 9th June: 18.30

Jeremy Greenstock in conversation with Patrick Wintour

Scheduled for publication in 2005, Sir Jeremy Greenstock’s incendiary Iraq: The Cost of War is one of the most important books ever to be postponed by the British government. It is written by the UK’s former ambassador to the United Nations and it describes the role of Britain in the Iraq War from the point of view of an insider. Initially banned by Jack Straw it was finally published last year and explains in detail how we got involved and why.

Friday 9th June: 20.00

Laura Barnett + Kathryn Williams

We turn from war and its aftermath to a fun, music-filled evening of word and song. Laura Barnett is the author of the fabulous bestselling novel The Versions of Us. Her new book is Greatest Hits, the story of a former 1970s rock star who looks back at her tumultuous life. This event will be the first opportunity to buy the book before its official publication on 15th June.