James Macdonald Lockhart

ContribPhoto_James Macdonald LockhartJames Macdonald Lockhart’s book RAPTOR (Fourth Estate) documents a series of journeys in search of each of Britain’s breeding birds of prey, from Scotland’s mighty eagles to the tiny merlin.

Lockhart is an associate editor of and regular contributor to Archipelago magazine. RAPTOR is his first book and it received a Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Award for Non-Fiction in 2011.

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Saturday 11th June

12:00 Extremes of exploration – flight, mountains, jungle, desert

William Atkins, James Macdonald Lockhart and Andrea Wulf in conversation with Andrew Simms

Will atkins RAPTOR The Invention Of Nature

What drives us to extremes? How do humans and animals co-exist in myriad landscapes? How does exploration in the 21st century compare with the impulses that moved explorers such as Alexander von Humboldt?

Price: £10