Richard Reynolds

RRMay2013%20CropRichard Reynolds has been a guerrilla gardener for 12 years, tending patches of neglected public land without permission.

His blogging and writing on guerrilla gardening turned a largely historical activity into a more mainstream global movement taken up by everyone from passionate gardeners itching for new challenges to political campaigners and mischief makers.

He is passionate about engaging people in shaping public space and has recently become embattled in London’s new preoccupation with piazzafication and the eradication of open ground despie the strong environmental case for soft surfaces.

His book On Guerrilla Gardening has been published in English, German, French and Korean and he tours the world inspiring people to take part.

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Sunday 12th June

11:00 Running riot in the urban landscape

Bradley Garrett, Inua Ellams and Richard Reynolds

London Rising Black Tshirt collection

Bradley Garrett is a phenomenon – part parcours expert, part funambulist, part urban explorer. Inua Ellams produces verbal pyrotechnics. Richard Reynolds reclaims public space and harnesses it with the power of plants. These three are no respecters of accepted boundaries.

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