The Novel Cure – Afternoon Tea with Susan Elderkin

The Novel Cure – Afternoon Tea with Susan Elderkin

Sunday 11th June: 15.30

Susan Elderkin

Are you suffering from heartburn or heartache? From gloom, or doom, or depression, or anxiety? Do you need to curl up with a book as balm, or as ballast for your life’s journey? Is there an occasion you need to celebrate, shun, enhance?

Susan Elderkin is your expert. Bring her your problems, your woes, your worries and she will prescribe a book that will soothe and dissipate your cares.

In advance of this event we will be asking you to share your concerns, and over tea Susan will suggest books for the pre-described conditions. For those who have requested solace in advance we’ll have copies of the books available in our pop-up shop. Books really can help. Trust us, we’re booksellers.

Please send your dilemmas to

Venue: The Ballroom, Bedford

Price: £10 including tea/coffee and scones