A Good Enough Father

A Good Enough Father

Saturday 10th June: 15:00

Howard Cunnell, Ed Docx, Jonathan Dean


For many, the concept of home involves a key figure – the mother. Here we look instead at the notion of fatherhood.

Howard Cunnell is a local, Brixton-based author whose family life is complicated, life-enhancing, contradictory and who describes his transgender child’s trajectory with love, and luminous prose. Edward Docx has produced one of this year’s finest novels, about three sons and their road trip to Switzerland with their complicated father who wishes to end his life via Dignitas. Jonathan Dean has written about three generations of men and migration, covering stories from Vienna, Cologne, Ukraine and elsewhere, and will talk to us about what it means to be a refugee, to be a European, to be British and to be a father, a son and a grandson. This is a not-to-be-missed unique gathering of three exceptional writers.

Venue: The Ballroom, Bedford

Price: £10