A. C. Grayling: The History of Philosophy

A. C. Grayling: The History of Philosophy

Tuesday 18th June

19.00 A. C. Grayling

“If there is any such person in Britain as The Thinking Man, it is A. C. Grayling” The Times

Philosophy is the fountainhead of ideas that drive history and shape our world. Professor A. C. Grayling’s aim in The History of Philosophy is to give a clear and comprehensive account of the great adventure of philosophy, mainly in the Western tradition but with overviews of the rich Indian, Chinese and Arabic-Persian traditions also.

Join esteemed philosopher A. C. Grayling as he presents The History of Philosophy – the story of the greatest minds in the world from classical antiquity to the present, and of the quest for an understanding of reality, truth and value.

Venue: St. Mary And St. John The Divine Church, SW12 9BS

Price: £10 or £30 including a copy of The History of Philosophy (RRP £26)