Sixty Seconds with Jonathan Dean

Sixty Seconds with Jonathan Dean

What means home to you?

Rather obviously, my actual home; with my wife and two loud tiny children.

Is there anywhere else in the world you could see yourself living?

Amsterdam, perhaps. I used to think LA, but then someone got elected.

Something you miss when you’re away?

A cup of tea in the morning, because I am that cliched.

One thing that always puts you in a good mood?

The song Idioteque by Radiohead.

Your go-to, to relax?


A recent book you’ve enjoyed, that you’d recommend to others?

I Must Belong Somewhere by Jonathan Dean. The writer worked really hard on it.

A fond family story that always gets retold?

When I was about 12, we went to Venice and I chose a pizzeria to eat in, and it was awful. This still amuses my parents, given the country, and the food.

Your favourite home-cooked meal?

A massive bowl of squidgy chilli pasta with some sort of fish or meat and cheese.

And as we’ll be at The Bedford this year… Your favourite tipple from the bar?

A wildly overpriced craft IPA from some massively up itself microbrewery.

Jonathan will be taking part in A Good Enough Father 3pm Saturday 10th June